Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brown Vs. Langley, Firebirds-Marauders preview(OTDI '94 #61)

It will be a game between two of the best receivers in the AFL as the Firebirds' Eddie Brown goes up against the Marauder's Andre Langley. That's what this article is mainly about.

The future AFL Hall-of-Famer Eddie Brown in just his rookie season in the AFL is just destroying the league this season with 39 receiving touchdowns going into this game which is already an AFL record and also owns the league scoring record with 240 points. Langley is second to Brown in touchdowns with 25 at this point which makes Brown look that much better.

That's it for me, if you want more ball polishing then read the article after the jump.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Storm 51 Marauders 50 (OTDI '94 #60)

The Marauders lost a close game to Tampa Bay thanks to a late game safety by Sylvester Bembery. The margin only ended up being one thanks to a last second touchdown by Langley followed by a successful two point conversion.

With the loss the Marauders drop to 6-3 and Tampa Bay moves up to 6-3 which means Tampa has the tiebreaker between the two in the race to the playoffs. Not to play spoiler but these two will meet again in the playoffs.

Again no boxscore but I can tell you that Jay Gruden(former AFL coach and current NFL coach) had 5 touchdowns for the Storm. Pagel had 6 touchdowns in the loss.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lockbaum Placed On IR (OTDI '94 #59)

We got a transaction and a small preview today. The transaction involves Mr. Lockbaum as he gets placed on injured reserve and activate WR/DB Tony Scott and defensive specialist Fred Robertson. They also signed OL/DL Rich Kane who would get 1 tackle and a forced fumble with the team.

The second piece is just a Tampa Bay based preview with nothing about the Marauders outside the mentioning of the trade and that's about it.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pagel's Still Waiting For The NFL (OTDI '94 #58)

Spoiler alert, he's still waiting. I think I did something like this before but they did it again with another Pagel article talking about the NFL and his experience in the AFL so far. There is also stuff about NFL scouts at the games looking at the players including Pagel. The Jets, Bills, Bears, and the Washington NFL team have sent scouts to games so far this year.

The article was from the LA Times so this is more about the ex-Ram Pagel rather than Marauders QB Pagel.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Niu Sale Helps Local Merchant (OTDI '94 #57)

Today's article is about how Marauders' player Niu Sale helped a local merchant after his store got robbed. Sale help the merchant by getting his teammates to buy and eat their food at the shop. A great relationship between the team and the merchant happened and he became a great supporter of the team.

This is the kind of stuff I was talking about earlier about establishing yourself in the community in order to build a good relationship between the team and the city. Not exactly a great scenario for this to happen but it's already good to have players like this around who are good people.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Marauders 58 Mustangs 51 (OTDI '94 #56)

It was closer than it should of been but the Marauders prevail and defeat the winless Mustangs 58-51. The Pagel-to-Langley connection struck gold four times leading the way. The Marauders came back from a 37-27 deficit to tie it up at 44 and eventually take the lead for good thanks to Langley.

No box score again but there is stuff from an interview from the current commissioner that'll make you wonder what could of been. Talking about how by 2000 there will be 20-24 teams (20 teams has never happened in league history unless you combine it with af2 teams, topped at 17 by 2000), Worcester will have a great rivalry with Hartford and Albany (never happened), hoping to have new teams  located in Portland, Ore.(97-99), St. Louis(95-96), Buffalo(99-03), Washington D.C.(never post 94), Mexico City(never), Philadelphia(04-08, 11-current), and New Jersey(97-02). It's just kind of depressing looking back and seeing that there was good support for this franchise that it could of been the Green Bay of the AFL and it was taken away all thanks to the owner's ego.

Side note I mention this before but this was the only AFL game I attended and sat in the upper deck behind one of the end zones. It was a good game to watch and I hope to see it again live someday with a local team.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mustangs-Marauders Preview (OTDI '94 #55)

Not much of a preview so I'll keep it short: There will be no let down from the Marauders tonight. That's pretty much it outside of showing off some stats.

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