Saturday, December 13, 2014

Looking Towards The Future & Expansion Draft Aftermath (OTDI '94 #85)

Well today is the day of the last articles of the year for the Marauders which should end the whole year of the Marauders but technically they didn''t go away until a few months later in 1995 so expect some more of these articles until then.

The first one was about the expectations of the team in 1995 where with a new staff and a more local training camp the team expected to average at least 10,000 a game which for Worcester would be a record.

An interesting thing which connects with the second article is that nobody knew who the Marauders lost in the expansion draft, I mean the best I could find was an article about the St. Louis team which took WR/DB Terrance Barber and also a player from the Mexico City team which would also not play in the 1995 season.

Not much else other than they expect to hear about the 1995 schedule in a couple of weeks which end up being delayed for some reason.....

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Power Fold For Now?

In what is likely a permanent move the Power have decided to close up shop for the 2015 season of which they said they could return just like Milwaukee and Oklahoma City did when they closed up shop.......... In case you don't get it they never came back.

The league is hopeful that they can return as early as this upcoming season apparently. I already covered their struggles with attendance so no need to dig that up again but there was a promising statement in all of this. Not a direct quote but something that looks good for those of us that want a team in Boston.

Butera said he and other AFL owners and officials want to improve the league's regional presence in the Northeast, and Pittsburgh remains a big part of those plans.
To me this is great because I though they had completely forgotten that the Northeast existed since nothing ever did come from that NYC team rumor from last year. The current before yesterday Northeast presence of the league include only 2 teams Philadelphia and the now folded Pittsburgh. Not much of a presence is it? Hopefully they get the power going again and start working on getting a NYC team and a Boston team to establish an eastern block of teams and a potential rivalry. One can only hope.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

O'Hara & Drucker Make Up (OTDI '94 #84)

It looks like we have a conclusion to the fight for now at least. They have apologized and O'Hara's lawsuit was dropped.

The only other interesting thing in the article is that they expected 16 teams including a Mexico City team. Of course that never happened and Fort Worth, Cleveland, and the Marauders would close up shop leaving the league with 13 teams in 1995.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tale Of The Tape (OTDI '94 #83)

Well now we have more details about the fight that occurred in Orlando. Apparently it was non-violent enough to send Drucker to the hospital and get the police involved. Not much else other than the fact that O'Hara didn't follow through on the lawsuit he filed earlier and that the case is closed as  far as the police are concerned.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

O'Hara Sues The League (OTDI '94 #82)

In what is another step in the death of the Marauders franchise, owner Joe O'Hara has formerly sued the league in New York state Supreme Court today for $625,000 in damages that's to last month's brawl with the commissioner.

The best part of the article was this one:
But when asked if there was a fight, O'Hara quickly said: "That is not accurate. Yes, we were at Disney World for a Board of Directors meeting, and that (hotel) is where the postgame party for the ArenaBowl was staged. Yes, we had a disagreement. No, no one was hit and no one was hurt."
I'm filing this lawsuit because nobody got hurt..... right like anybody is going to believe that bull-plop. Also they say they have resolved their differences but their actions in the upcoming months proves anything but that.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Marauders Make A Trade With Orlando (OTDI '94 #81)

This trade would end up being one of the most irrelevant trades in AFL history as the Marauders in a few short months would no longer exist but it happened so here it is:

Marauders got :
WR/LB Billy Owens (went from 16 TDs to 4 TDs for Charlotte in 1995)
OL/DL Jackie Walker (ended up back in Orlando)
OL/DL Eric Drakes (also ended up back in Orlando)

Predators got:
OL/DL Dannie Lockett (played for the Preds in 1995)
OL/DL Flint Fleming (also played for the Preds)
WR/DB Amod Field (ended up in San Jose and had his best year in 1995)

Safe to say Orlando won this trade easily as they played in 1995 and ended up keeping all the linemen in the trade. This was the last transaction in Marauders history and now all that's left is watching Rome burn as the team makes it way for the exit over the next few months.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Beginning Of The End (OTDI '94 #80)

It was the brawl to end it all at Disney World as then current commissioner James Drucker lost a fight to former commissioner and current Marauders owner Joe O'Hara. Drucker lost since he ended up in the hospital for head injuries that he suffered from the fight. O'Hara is playing it down but this will be the reason why the team gets kicked out of the league later on. It seems the two had some bad blood as Drucker accused O'Hara of something during the league board of directors meeting but what was said is still unknown.

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