Monday, October 13, 2014

O'Hara Sues The League (OTDI '94 #82)

In what is another step in the death of the Marauders franchise, owner Joe O'Hara has formerly sued the league in New York state Supreme Court today for $625,000 in damages that's to last month's brawl with the commissioner.

The best part of the article was this one:
But when asked if there was a fight, O'Hara quickly said: "That is not accurate. Yes, we were at Disney World for a Board of Directors meeting, and that (hotel) is where the postgame party for the ArenaBowl was staged. Yes, we had a disagreement. No, no one was hit and no one was hurt."
I'm filing this lawsuit because nobody got hurt..... right like anybody is going to believe that bull-plop. Also they say they have resolved their differences but their actions in the upcoming months proves anything but that.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Marauders Make A Trade With Orlando (OTDI '94 #81)

This trade would end up being one of the most irrelevant trades in AFL history as the Marauders in a few short months would no longer exist but it happened so here it is:

Marauders got :
WR/LB Billy Owens (went from 16 TDs to 4 TDs for Charlotte in 1995)
OL/DL Jackie Walker (ended up back in Orlando)
OL/DL Eric Drakes (also ended up back in Orlando)

Predators got:
OL/DL Dannie Lockett (played for the Preds in 1995)
OL/DL Flint Fleming (also played for the Preds)
WR/DB Amod Field (ended up in San Jose and had his best year in 1995)

Safe to say Orlando won this trade easily as they played in 1995 and ended up keeping all the linemen in the trade. This was the last transaction in Marauders history and now all that's left is watching Rome burn as the team makes it way for the exit over the next few months.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Beginning Of The End (OTDI '94 #80)

It was the brawl to end it all at Disney World as then current commissioner James Drucker lost a fight to former commissioner and current Marauders owner Joe O'Hara. Drucker lost since he ended up in the hospital for head injuries that he suffered from the fight. O'Hara is playing it down but this will be the reason why the team gets kicked out of the league later on. It seems the two had some bad blood as Drucker accused O'Hara of something during the league board of directors meeting but what was said is still unknown.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lockett Named AFL All-Star (OTDI '94 #79)

Today Danny Lockett was named to the first team AFL All-Stars which is the equivalent to the NFL's All-Pro team that gets announced at the end of the season. This is the second straight year that Lockett had made the team. Tony Burse, Ralph Jarvis, Niu Sale and Riley Ware along with Lockett made the all-conference team. Also Bruse, Jarvis, Sale, and Ware made the second team AFL All-Stars which isn't listed here but was likely announced at the same time.

How Langley didn't make either team considering he was second in the league in touchdowns and receiving yards and fifth in receptions is mind boggling.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Preseason Game In Worcester In 2002

Bit of a blunder on my part but there happened to be a game that was played in 2002 in Worcester on April 13th between the New Jersey Gladiators and the Indiana Firebirds. The game featured two former Boston College players Glenn Foley and Paul Laquerre both of whom played for the Gladiators. The game wasn't anything special as the Glads built up a large lead in the second half which the Firebirds could not comeback from. The final score was 47-35 and you can read more about it after the jump.

As a result of finding this game, the history page and the timeline page will be updated to reflect this game. I also adjusted the days since for the last game that was played in Massachusetts to reflect this new to me information.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Future That Never Was (OTDI '94 #78)

This article basically talks about how they would like to improve the team on the field and in the stands. Kind of depressing knowing that the team was no more by the time the 1995 season started especially knowing that the person making some of these statements is the reason why the team dissolved. Read it after the jump.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Iowa Drops Down To The IFL

Iowa has officially dropped out of the AFL and is joining the IFL meaning that the AFL has 14 teams again and the IFL now has 12 teams.

What this means is now both conferences have an even 7 teams though we still don't know if San Antonio and New Orleans will play in 2015. Plenty of questions will be answered this offseason so look forward to that.