Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Marauders Sign A Nobody (OTDI '94 #23)

It appeared in a newspaper so here it is. The Marauders signed a guy named Doug Adkins who isn't the NFL Hall of Famer. I call him a nobody since he didn't make the team as he isn't even listed over at ArenaFan in their player database so he didn't even have a career in the arena league.

That's it for today enjoy the transaction line after the jump.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marauders Trade Goode To Orlando(OTDI '94 #22)

Not much today just a transaction and an announcement of the preseason game in Hartford.

The trade involved OL/DL James Goode who had 2 sacks in 1993 going from the Marauders to the Predators for WR/DB Riley Ware who would have his best year with the Marauders. This trade worked out great for the Marauders as Ware was very productive and Goode didn't play for the Predators until 1995.

Not much to say about the Hartford game other than ticket prices were announced ranging from $10-$20.

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gathering Of The Marauders (OTDI '94 #21)

Nothing special about this blurb in the T&G as it shows details about a event to introduce the team to the city. I'm sure every city has done something familiar when they get a new team. Also listed is that the team had taken interest in ex-BC quarterback Mike Power who obviously didn't sign on with the team.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big Trade Busts (OTDI '94 #20)

This article is from the St. Petersberg Times in which it talks mostly about league stability and at the very end talks about the one guy who joined back with the Storm as a coach after retiring from the Marauders shortly after the trade.

It's not that surprising that even now not much has changed with 1994 in terms of league stability as Pittsburgh is the only city to have a team in 1987 and 2014 with a long hiatus in between. Chicago had a team recently and Denver had one before the shut down.

Of course the entire league has shifted since then as only Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Arizona have had the same team from 1994 to 2014. Cleveland went through a team before their latest team came to town.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Preseason in Hartford Part 2 (OTDI '94 #19)

Here's part two of the Hartford series with even less information on the Marauders. Got nothing else so enjoy this article.

The article after the jump.

Technical Issues

There had been an issue with the site I had been getting the articles from last week when there were some articles and I missed the chance to post them on the correct days. The issue has since been fixed and I'll be working on putting up the articles up with adjusted dates hopefully in the next couple of days.

In other news still no word on the availability of the box scores but the first regular season game isn't until May 30th so there's no rush there. Also would anyone be interested in a shirt or some other stuff with the team logo on it? I could come up with a 25th anniversary logo or even just have stuff using the other New England teams that existed. Of course I don't want to get sued so I would have to look up the rules for selling stuff using a dead brand but I just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone is interested.

Lastly as we know there hasn't been a Relocation Prospects post done this year and that's mostly due to 1) the league's so called 2-year commitment rule which is suppose to mean nobody moves or folds until after the 2015 season and 2) laziness on my behalf. So to make up for it and wasting time on this post here's an abridged version of Relocation Prospects:

1) Orlando - 4,987 avg. (3/9) attributed to move to UCF
2) New Orleans -  5,217 avg. (2/9)
3) Pittsburgh - 5,758 avg. (3/9)
4) San Antonio - 6,120 avg. (3/9)
5) Portland - 7,515 avg. (2/9) expansion team
League avg. 7,982

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Preseason In Hartford Part 1 (OTDI '94 #18)

The next couple of articles talk more about Hartford than the Marauders so enjoy one of the reasons why the Connecticut Coyotes existed. If the Marauders lasted longer than a year these two might of been Predators-Storm lite and might of had something with the City Hawks.

Enjoy the pre-history of Hartford.

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