Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Relocation Prospects: 'Rush'ing Toward The Exits Edition

Just when it couldn't get worse for the Chicago Rush, they find a way to make it worse. The current owner of the Chicago Rush is a real dirtbag as the Chicago Sun-Times starts of their article on the man as such:
He’s a convicted thief, currently on probation.
He filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy just months ago.
He’s been trailed by lawsuits, liens and allegations he’s ripped other people off, even his neighbor.
Not exactly the kind of person you'd want to run a professional sports team. Of course the league shares much of the blame here as they apparently didn't even bother with a simple background check to find out that this guy has neither the morals nor the money to actually run the team.

He's wasn't even the owner when the year started as someone with no money or investors was in charge from November to Feburary. This is embarrassing as a fan of this league as they should actually check to make sure the people they bring in has money and isn't a convicted felon.

Moving on to the attendance part we have the Rush with their 3rd straight sub-5,000 game getting only 4,722 for their game against Philadelphia, the Power is dropping like a rock with the worst performance of the week getting only 4,174 for their game against Orlando even though the Penguins weren't playing that day and thanks to that performance have cracked the "In deep trouble" list, and Utah has their 2nd worst week of the season getting only 5,784 for their game against Spokane. San Antonio on the other hand had a good week getting over 7,800 people for their game and have worked their way off the list for the week as they are now under 500 of league average at 466 below the league average. Iowa just barely stays on the list as they are at 522 below the league average.

League average for week 7 - 7,462
League average on the season - 7,793

In deep trouble  
1. New Orleans VooDoo
Last game attendance: 4,357
4th game in 2012: 5,491
2013 average: 4,239
Difference from league season average: -3,554
2012 average: 6,113

2. Chicago Rush
Week 7 attendance: 4,722
Difference from league week 7 average: -2,740
4th game in 2012: 7,955
2013 average: 4,510
Difference from league season average: -3,283
2012 average: 6,885

3. Utah Blaze
Week 7 attendance: 5,784
Difference from league week 7 average: -1,678
4th game in 2012: 6,195
2013 average: 5,942
Difference from league season average: -1,851
2012 average: 8,840

4. Pittsburgh Power
Week 7 attendance: 4,174
Difference from league week 6 average: -3,288
4th game in 2012: 6,034
2013 average: 6,148
Difference from league season average: -1,645
2012 average: 5,163

On the bubble
5. Iowa Barnstormers
Last game attendance: 6,854
3rd game in 2012: 7,921
2013 average: 7,271
Difference from league season average: -522
2012 average: 8,564

Out of the blue

From the look of things as of week 7 the league might be better off only having 10-12 teams at least until there is some stability as it seems Chicago is a volatile market at least for attracting people who have money, New Orleans should do better if they had a better team on the field, not sure what is going wrong in Utah and Pittsburgh seems to be a tweener market as either they are charging too much or people are just tired of the game.